$60 for the first hour and $40 for each additional hour. For birthday parties, I paint 10 faces per hour. If you need faster face painting for festivals, please contact me so we can discuss a plan. An additional face painter may be needed. 

Please email me at vanessawtsumura@gmail.com for bookings and include the following information:

1. Time, date and general location of your event

2. Number of guests expected
3. Will the event be indoors or outdoors? 

I supply table and chair. If the event is outdoors, I will need a shaded spot for face painting. I can bring a tent for an additional fee. 

If you've seen me at local events, you may have noticed my cargo bike. I use it to get around and as a set-up for face painting. I do not normally bring the bike unless you live in the Shorewood area or request it. There is an additional fee to have the trike at your event if you live outside my usual bike route. 

Feel free to email me any questions. 



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