Face Paints I Use

I get asked a lot about what brands of face paints I use. I could go on and on about the brands I love and why I use them. Not only do I look for face paints that give the best visual results, but I insist on using what I consider to be the safest products I can find. 

So first, let's get the safety stuff out of the way. 

As a professional face painter, I only use FDA-compliant face paints. As a mom, I also choose to use only paraben-free face paints. I carefully read the ingredients of each brand that I'm interested in before buying. I believe it's better to not take any chances when it comes to my clients' and my own kids' safety. 

Ok, so now that we have that covered, let's move on to the fun stuff... What brands of face paint are in my kit!

1) Global is one of my favorite brands for line work (other than white). I buy Strong Black in large 50 gram containers. I also love their dark blue, dark green and magenta for line work. Their split cakes are really fun to use, too. Right now I'm loving Everglades which is a blend of 3 shades of green and yellow. Their one-stoke cakes are also amazing. Another plus, their face paints do not contain any fragrance.

Global split cake in Everglades. 
2) Paradise by Mehron. Their white is the best I've found for sponging on a not-too-heavy base. They have a gorgeous range of other colors, too. I also can't live without (slight exaggeration) their blend sets. My favorites are Breeze (a mix of blues and greens for sea creatures) and Cool  with shades of blue with white (Elsa in the house!). Ingredients include cocoa butter and many skin-nourishing extracts like aloe and chamomile. You'll get a whiff of coconut each time you open the container, so if that's not your thing than avoid this line. And make sure you shop around for the best deal. For some reason, the price varies a lot from shop to shop. 

Mehron Paradise blendset in Sunset. 

3) TAG. I love their 50 gram 2-color split cakes like light blue/turquoise, golden orange/red and lilac/purple. Their split cake in Golden Plum is the most gorgeous color combination I've ever tried. 

TAG Golden Plum split cake. 

4) Diamond FX. They have a gorgeous, pale lilac that comes in 32, 45 and 90 gram sizes. I go through a ton of lilac so it's great to have larger sizes! I also started using their white for line work and I'm very impressed. A good white is hard to find. I'm going to sound very dramatic, but if you find yourself on the job with the wrong white, well ... good luck! Wolfe is another option for white and seems to be the most popular choice for the pros, but I  prefer DFX. I had some issues with Wolfe getting a little gooey on me. 

Left, TAG split cake in purple and lilac and DFX lilac on the right. 
5) PartyXplosion is newer to me. I'm trying out 3 of their one-strokes, pictured below. This is a Dutch brand that can be a little hard to track down (they're often sold out), but it's a great value. It's paraffin wax based and free of animal products. 

PartyXplosion face paint split cakes in vivid rainbow, deep purple/lilac/white and black/grey/white.
6) Cameleon. Other brand that's new to me that's also from Holland. This is a highly-pigmented, creamy, opaque face paint in a gorgeous range of colors. I have 2 of their one-strokes in Fairy Dust and Snow Flake.
Cameleon Fairy Dust, above, and Snow Flake, below. 

I buy all my face paint online. Unfortunately, there's no brick and mortar face paint supply shop in Milwaukee, so I've had to choose face paints by trial and error. Whether you are a potential client, face painter, or just curious, I hope this list helps you out!


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