Whitefish Bay Farmers Market

 I had a request for a full peacock arm design today. I've done plenty of feathers, but never the whole bird. I thought it turned out pretty and the next girl in line wanted the same design. That's always a good sign! Products used on the peacock: Paradise Prisma Breeze, TAG gold (so pretty!), Chameleon snowflake one-stroke and Global white and dark blue. 

And here is my first shot of my new tricycle! I'm still working out the design elements of it. I have yet to finalize my logo which will be on the sides of the box. And, eventually, I'm going to get a lavender umbrella to match the chairs and logo design. 

It's so much easier getting set up with the bike. Everything including the chairs and umbrella fit inside the box and I just head out to my outdoor market gigs. I had been lugging around a big, heavy 10' tent to my outdoor jobs, but that takes 2 people to set up and I didn't find it so easy. 
The bike rides very smoothly. It's much easier to peddle than I though it would be. I just have to get used to turning. Making sharp turns is still a little scary. 

In case you're wondering where I got it... It's from Icicle Tricycles in Portland. It took about 2 weeks for them to custom build it and another 4 or so days to ship to Wisconsin. As far as I know, I'm the only face painter in Milwaukee who uses a tricycle to get around, but the company that made mine tells me that there are other cycling face painters out there. 

So far, I'm thrilled with my new wheels! 


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