Flower Fairy

I recently had a face painting gig at a beautiful urban garden in Milwaukee where the butterfly fairy was a big hit. It was an almost magical setting for a face painter, creating colorful wings on faces while real-life butterflies danced in the background. The air was filled with the sent of burning sage as a yoga class took place next to towering sunflowers. As the sun began its descent, I took in my surroundings and realized what a cool job I have that takes me to such interesting places!

Incorporating florals, gems, and, of course, glitter, like I did here, are fun ways to take your butterfly and fairy designs to the next level. Lately, I've been substituting dark blue for black. Not only because it looks beautiful, but I was noticing that I was flying through black face paint and barely making a dent in some of my darker non-black outlining colors like dark blue, magenta and dark green. 

Products used: TAG Pearl Golden Plum split cake, Global dark blue and magenta, Wolfe white, Mama Clown iridescent glitter and acrylic gems. 


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